Rustic wall art enhances your home with a warm, cozy vibe.

Rustic design is a broad term used to include a variety of styles from country and farmhouse to western and industrial. While the style encompasses a wide variety of subsets, there are several elements that tie this style together.
Natural Textures
The use of natural materials a a defining characteristic of rustic design. The use of organic elements in a natural state, such as rough-hewn or reclaimed wood, is a great way to add rustic charm to a space. Other textures such as leather, cotton and rock strengthen the connection to the great outdoors and add visual texture and interest to a space.
If you are looking to add just a touch of rustic to your decor, opt for woven baskets, leather furniture and roughly textured natural textiles such as burlap, linen and wool.
Weathered Materials
Rustic design is about seeing the beauty in age and imperfection. When choosing wood furniture or elements, select items that show some texture and character. Add in some seeded glass and distressed metals for more visual interest.
Earthy Colors
Neutrals are king in rustic style. While the focus is on colors from the natural world such as bark, stone and soil, don’t be afraid to add some bolder pops of jewel tones to enhance the look and add some personality.
Decorating with rustic wall art is about creating a focal point on your wall that is warm, comforting and celebrates the beauty of imperfection. Through the use of neutral tones, the authentic beauty of natural textures along with small touches of bold and bright color, a rustic sign can add visual interest that is both practical and purposeful.

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