wicked lives here witch halloween wall art white2A Halloween event is celebrated every year. We need to do some artwork to impress other people in our neighborhood, especially the kids. Dressing up your home with some Halloween decorations shows the true spirit of this event.

So, when Halloween night falls, you can show them some scary characters into your living room or a dining place that is both terrifying and amazing. Halloween is one of the scariest but entertaining events you need to look for every year.

In this article, we’ve gathered some tips to elevate your home into a haunted mansion during the Halloween event. Master some artwork that allows you to impress your whole neighborhood. They will surely come back to see your new Halloween home-style every year.

Here are five steps to master Halloween home decoration:

  1. Decorate Some Classic Country Halloween

Create some classic country style Halloween decoration on your front porch by adding some Jack-O-Lanterns with some scary skeletons that sit behind it. You can also play some frightening music that increases the mood of the Halloween event.

Always remember that first impression last. So, we need to make sure that your home entrance is the best one for your guest.

  1. Set-up a Halloween Table

The first thing you need to set-up during the Halloween event is a fancy Halloween table. It shows some terrifying and, at the same time, cool decor for everyone. To do this, here are some tips you must need to follow:

  • For the tablecloth, select a black and white fabric.
  • Add some pumpkins in the center table. It is the symbol of Halloween
  • You can use glass candlestick to create some old-fashioned centerpiece
  • Add some extra stuff by adding mini skeletons and the best of all, a mini spider
  1. Include Scary Spiders In Your Wall

Do you have a fear of spiders? It’s time to embrace your anxiety because you’ll have to include this into your home decor. Spider is one of the most common things that you need to include in your Halloween decor. These mini creatures are a sure hit for your guest, especially the kids.

You can add some fake spiders into your infested wall. Make sure to select huge spiders so that they will look real and terrifying.

If you want to make it unique, you can purchase some robotic spiders. Try to operate it to chase the kids using these eight-legged creatures.

  1. Create Some Gingerbread Kitchen

Transform your kitchen into a Gingerbread theme to impress the kids while exploring your Halloween home decor. You can hire your mother to act as the wicked witch who can cook food for the kids.

Create some cookies that look like a spider or a skeleton. Spider cookie looks yummy but scary at the same time.

  1. Install Scary Wall Art in Your Living Room

To add some spirit to the Halloween event, you can try some unique wall arts in your living room. Install Halloween themed wall art such as skeletons or the face of a vampire. You can also include some printed wall art saying, “ This 2 a Haunted House.”

If you want to know more about these fancy wall art specially designed for Halloween, check out these Halloween decorations.


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