The COVID-19 pandemic has made us center on our lives more this year than ever. We now focus on keeping our health better, our finances secured and our family and loved ones safe from the virus. Thinking about oneself isn’t really that bad, especially that the situation calls for us to be more vigilant to avoid catching the virus.

However, this coming Christmas, just because we have to secure a lot of things for our family and loved ones doesn’t mean that we can no longer extend our hand and help others with their own struggles. There’s nothing more fulfilling than the feeling of being secured with your life while not feeling guilty about it because you also are making a difference and helping this world become a better place.

Give love to animals. Not only humans are in need of help, but our friendly animals, too. Animal shelters welcome kind-hearted individuals with their donations and help in any way. You can even volunteer to walk your neighbor’s dogs if that is possible! rustic santa stop here christmas sign room

Or better yet, adopt a new pet instead of buying from pet shops. This way, you can bring the best bud a good home and enjoy the love of your family members.

Give love to the environment. You can stay eco-friendly in shopping for your needs and gifts this coming Christmas. Bringing your own bag for groceries eliminates the need for single-use paper bags. Buying personalized Christmas wall signs is more advisable  instead of the single use decorations

Consider having hand made gift boxes and materials for your presents instead of using synthetic gift wraps. These durable boxes can still be used even after the gift inside is already out. This way, you help lessen the amount of waste that is being generated during the holidays.

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