2020 has been a tough year for everyone. Since the start of the pandemic, many families around the world are forced to stay at home because of the quarantine that was imposed as part of the health and safety protocols to quell the coronavirus.

However, just because we might likely be spending our Christmas at home while we are in quarantine doesn’t mean that we no longer have ways to celebrate the holiday. Here are ways on how to celebrate Christmas free from pandemic worries:

Watch a Christmas movie marathon. Check your Netflix for the season’s specials for Christmas. You can invite your friends and loved ones and snuggle together while munching on those tasty popcorns and soda. Bring the feel of going into a movie house to the comfort of your own home!

Merry Christmas family room1

Set up your Christmas tree. Make this a memorable family bonding. Add a twist to your Christmas tree decorations by hanging glittered facemasks and makeshift figures of the virus-shaped snowflakes on those branches. This way, the virus will not bring you much to worry about, and instead, remind you of how fun your holiday can be when it’s spent together with your family.

It’s not called the season for giving for nothing. Give back to those who are in need this Christmas season. Check your local charity institution, or hospitals, or even soup kitchens and see if you can provide them with some necessities to cater to their patients and hungry mouths to feed.

Give away pandemic friendly loot bags. You can bring a smile to your friends even with a little gesture of giving. Assemble loot bags filled with face masks, disinfectants, and alcohol, together with candy canes and other sweets, and give them to your neighbors or nearby friends. Make sure that you have disinfected the boxes and the bags, even the items that you are giving away.

Decorate your home for Christmas! You can shop online for Christmas wall art and decorations and avoid going out to the shopping malls as much as possible. Take advantage of the convenience of selecting the goods and adding them to your online cart and check out once you have decided what decorations you want to hang on your walls or display in your front yard.

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