Everyone likes a modern décor for their farmhouse but some want to blend it with other styles. First, let’s see how to balance your design, which is modern yet stylish. Here are some basic requirements for a modern style living room decoration:

  • A large rug that will probably be placed under your coffee table/sofa table. The color and shape of the rug must match well with the table and the sofa.
  • Lights and lamps, probably, fairy lights surrounding the windows and decorative lamps on the side table.
  • Cushions in bright and fresh colors in contrast with your walls and sofa.
  • A wall art painting matching your style and areas of interest.

rusty homestead room2

Here’s your guide to decorate

The best part about wall arts is that you can change them anytime according to your mood. Widdlytinks is an online store where you can buy wall arts matching your style. They have many designs like Halloween, vintage, quotes, and many more

Farmhouse Country Décor

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